Disabled facilities grant

Disabled facilities grant

This is means tested grant (the amount depends on your income and savings) for up to £30,000 to make changes to a home to allow a disabled person to continue living there.

Who can apply?

  • Home owners
  • Housing association tenants
  • Private tenants
  • Landlords who have a disabled tenant.

Applicants must be referred by a social services occupational therapist.

What type of work qualifies?

You can use the grant to make changes that:

  • Improve access, both to and from, and within the home
  • Help the disabled person care for resident dependants, such as children
  • Make the home safe
  • Provide or improve heating
  • Help the disabled person use basic amenities.

Who is likely to qualify under the means test?

You are likely to get the full grant if you:

  • Are claiming for a disabled child (18 years old or younger)
  • Get Income Support (including Guaranteed Pension Credit)
  • Have an income under £15,050 and claim either council tax benefit, housing benefit or working tax credit.

Even if you have significant savings, you will often get some help to pay for the work.