The EIR operate in a similar way to FOI although they relate specifically to official environmental information held by the council.

Environmental information includes information about:

  • air, water and soil quality, flora and fauna
  • noise
  • waste
  • emissions and discharges into the environment
  • land use
  • environmental programmes and policies.

Where can I find the information?

A lot of council information is available on our website through our publication scheme.

For any information not in our publication scheme, you can make a EIR request. We must reply to your request within 20 working days.

There are some types of information that we won’t be able to give you for legal reasons, for example, because it would give you personal information about someone else.

How do I apply for information not in the publication scheme?

Following a request, the council will let you know if we hold the information requested and disclose it to you unless we have good reason for keeping it confidential.

The council cannot withhold information from you unless an EIR exception applies.

Make an EIR request through your MyEHDC account.

If you don’t want to register

Please email or write to: Information Governance Team, EHDC, PO Box 310, Petersfield, GU32 9HN.

Please include a contact address so we can contact you with our response.

Is there a charge?

The council can make a charge to cover costs such as photocopying and postage.

How we deal with your request

We will reply to your request within 20 working days. However, this time can be extended in complex cases.

Some types of information are exempt from the regulations. If we are not able to provide you with the information because of this, we will explain the reasons for withholding it.


If you're not satisfied with the response you have received to a request for information, you can ask us to review our handling of the matter.

This can be done by emailing, providing the reference number of your request and the issues you would like us to investigate.

Alternatively please write to the Governance Team at the council offices

EIR legislation requires that the review be completed within 40 days commencing the day after receipt of a valid request for a review.

If you remain unsatisfied after the review outcome, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Please be aware the ICO will not consider a complaint unless the council has fulfilled the internal review process first.