Communities now have more power to bid for important buildings and facilities through a new law.

Part of the Localism Act allows people to delay the sale of certain buildings that they can prove to be a vital part of community life - or an 'asset of community value'.

To become an asset of community value the building must enhance the social wellbeing of an area, for example a nursery, church or pub.

Residents looking to identify a building as an asset to their community can apply to East Hampshire District Council, who will rule on the issue.

A building that is listed as an asset of community value cannot be sold by its owner for six weeks, giving residents time to pull together a plan to buy the property themselves.

If such a plan can be put in action, residents are given a more time, up to six months from the moment the building was listed as an asset of community value, to put their package together.

Once the six months is up the building's owner can then decide whether to sell his property and who to sell to.

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