CIL and S106 monitoring

The Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) for 2021 includes monitoring of Section 106 and CIL for the reporting year 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. This IFS also includes those schemes that were awarded Strategic CIL Funding in 2021.

To view our Community Infrastructure Levy income and expenditure, please visit our Public Facing Module.

Annual Parish reporting

For each year that a parish has received neighbourhood funds through the levy, parish, town and community councils must publish the information specified in regulation 62A.

They should publish this information on their website or on the charging authority’s website. If they haven’t received any money they do not have to publish a report, but may want to publish some information to this effect in the interests of transparency.

There is no prescribed format. parish, town and community councils may choose to combine reporting on the levy with other reports they already produce.

The levy neighbourhood funding income and spending will also be included in their overall published accounts but are not required to be identified separately in those accounts.

Please visit each individual Parish’s website to view its annual reports.