Please be advised that applications for this scheme have now closed.

Results of round 1 (March 2023) of the Community Climate Action Fund

The following grants have been awarded through the first round of funding:

  • £4,000 to Alton Climate Action Network (ACAN) to support the Alton Eco Fair 2023
  • £18,000 to Alton Community Centre for solar panels
  • £4,035 to Basingstoke and Alton Cardiac Rehabilitation Charity to install loft insulation at their Alton HQ
  • £6,511.39 to Binsted Parish Council for the Greening Binsted's Village Green project
  • £10,000 to Dementia Friendly Alton for an electrical update to Edgar Hall
  • £12,500 to Energy Alton to help fund Home Energy Support Team Alton (HESTA)
  • £7,500 to Grayshott Cricket Club for a borehole and irrigation system at Grayshott sports field
  • £1,100 to Headley Village Hall for LED lighting to replace less efficient lighting
  • £10,000 to King George V Memorial Hall (Froxfield) for solar panels
  • £10,000 to Petersfield Bowling & Snooker Club for photovoltaic solar panel installation
  • £12,500 to Petersfield Climate Action Network (PeCAN) for their community outreach project (youth, schools, businesses and other local authorities)
  • £12,500 to The Sustainability Centre to help fund a new learning centre
  • £18,211 to Treloar's for solar panels

About the fund

The Community Climate Action Fund (CCAF), supports new projects that will benefit the wider community and encourage education on the response to climate change.

Our priorities and categories that projects must align with are:

The objectives of this fund are:

  • to engage with the wider community on climate issues
  • to support carbon reduction in East Hampshire
  • to support adaption response to climate change and encourage behaviour change.

Projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • organising a community loan or swap scheme to minimise waste produced and maximise recycling
  • building a community garden with educational signage to encourage biodiversity and wildlife in the district
  • organising and hosting a community learning event on climate action
  • replacement of existing lighting to LED lighting

Who can apply?

Your organisation must:

1. Be a registered Charity, voluntary or not for profit organisation. Constituted group or club, community interest company (CIC), social enterprise, school, parish councils. Faith groups may also apply, provided their projects are inclusive.

2. Be non-political and have an open membership policy.

3. Have a constitution or equivalent (if you do not yet have a constitution please contact Community First who will assist you 0300 500 8085).

4. Have a bank account for your organisation.

5. If relevant, have a safeguarding policy (the council’s safeguarding lead can assist with this if required – Lara Nolan,

6. Not be applying on behalf of a third party.

7. Religious organisations must be able to demonstrate that the funding will benefit the wider, non-religious community. Funding will not be available to any organisation solely for religious purposes.

8. Acknowledge the council’s support in any press, publicity or promotion of the project.

9. Acknowledges the council accepts no responsibility or liability for this project or the facilities it provides now or in the future.

What is the level of funding available?

The Community Climate Action Fund will be a two-year programme, with two application windows a year. The fund will accept applications up to £25,000 per funding round. However, capital projects from £5,000-£10,000 will be favoured. Organisations should only submit one application (either revenue or capital) per funding round. In exceptional circumstances EHDC may consider multiple applications, this would be at the discretion of the Council.

A capital grant is a one-off payment for fixed assets;

  • for example, to be used towards the purchasing of equipment or building works.

A revenue grant is used where there is no lasting asset;

  • for example, to be used for running costs of a regular community group, or community activity.

Revenue grants will be awarded to encourage sustainability and longevity for organisations. If you require less than £1,000 funding for a capital project, then please refer to our councillors grant fund.

Guidance notes

We strongly recommend reading the guidance notes in full before completing an application form to ensure your project is eligible.

Apply for funding

Please be advised that applications for this scheme have now closed.

The Community Climate Action Fund 2023 will open for applications at 9am Wednesday 25th January 2023 and closes 5pm Wednesday 22nd February 2023.

You will need to apply via a My EHDC Account, which you will be able to set up.

Contact us

Please check the climate and environment page on our website.

Enquiries or further information on Community Climate Action Fund should be submitted by email to or telephone 01730 234354.

If you are from the not for profit sector and would like support and advice on completing the application form, or general governance, please contact Gary Davis at Community First via: or 07877 768307.