22% of UK carbon emissions come from domestic energy consumption.

Reducing your energy consumption will reduce your impact on the environment and could save you money.

Top tips for energy efficiency and wellbeing

Can you save energy? Check what energy you are using and where to see if you can change your usage and then save any energy.

Install insulation and draught-proofing – this will help keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Are you struggling to pay your energy bills? Contact your supplier to see if there is any extra help from them you can get.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling to keep warm and well, please have a look at the different schemes below which could help you.

Warmer Homes

Some funding has been secured by the council and is being delivered in partnership with the Warmer Homes team at AgilityEco.

You could be eligible if you are an owner occupier or private rental tenant; your home has an EPC rating of D, E, F and G; your home is not heated by a gas boiler; you have a total household annual income of £36,000 or less, or you receive a means-tested benefit.

The eligible measures include solar panels, some insulation and air source heat pumps. You can check your eligibility by visiting HUG 2 eligibility checker and referral tool on the GOV.UK website.

AgilityEco can receive referrals through the tool and will then contact you to confirm eligibility and take you through the full application process. 

If you are interested in applying, please contact Warmer Homes directly on 0800 038 5737 or you can register your interest on their website.

Hitting the cold spots

The scheme, administered by Hampshire County Council and delivered by the Environment Centre, provides access to funding and an energy advice services to residents across Hampshire.

The services provided by tEC include:

  • help to switch energy supplier or tariff
  • eligibility checks for Warm Home discounts
  • support with temporary measures if you are without heating
  • help to access funding where applicable, for boiler repair and replacement

Further information or how to contact the Environment Centre (tEC) can be found on their website: Hitting the Cold Spots – the Environment Centre (tEC).

If you are living in rural areas, the scheme might help you access additional resources.

Great British insulation scheme

If you are a homeowner, landlord or tenant, you could be eligible to get free or cheaper insulation which includes:

  • cavity wall insulation
  • solid wall insulation
  • loft insulation

If you receive benefits

If you're on certain benefits, you could qualify for free energy saving improvements to your home such as loft insulation, cavity or solid wall insulation or a replacement boiler.

We're working with the Local Energy Assistance Programme (LEAP) who can help to find a scheme you're eligible for and support you through the process. This includes the Great British Insulation Scheme.

Visit the LEAP website

If you live in social housing

Some Registered Social Landlords (such as housing associations) have funding available to help improve the energy efficiency of social housing. The housing provider will contact the tenant directly if the property is eligible, but if you are unsure, please contact your housing provider. 

If you don't qualify for other schemes

Energy performance certificate

The energy performance certificate (EPC) of your home, if one exists, can be reviewed on the national register.

Find an energy certificate - GOV.UK


ECO4 is one of the funding schemes that residents may qualify for.

The council’s statement of intent, as required by the scheme, can be found on our website;

COSY loans

Our COSY loan scheme is for residents who don't qualify for other schemes.

Applications for loans are currently closed. The scheme will reopen when more funds become available.