Concerned about a rough sleeper?

If you are concerned about someone who is sleeping rough, you can report this through the Streetlink website. You do not have to have their name or have spoken to them but you believe they are rough sleeping. So please respect their privacy while alerting us.   

You will be asked to provide as much information as possible about the location of the person you have seen sleeping rough such as the town or postcode; street name and nearest building number; a description of where they are sleeping rough (i.e. bench outside supermarket); and what time of day/night you have seen them sleeping rough.

The information you provide will be reported to housing services who will arrange for the rough sleeper to be approached and by doing so we will be able to link them with local services and offer them advice and assistance.

However, if you think that the person is in immediate risk of harm or danger or needs urgent medical attention please call 999.

Are you rough sleeping?

Please contact the Housing Solutions team on 01730 234415 for advice and assistance. We work closely with Two Saints who provide a Rough sleeper outreach service and we will all work together to explore your housing options and offer support.

Severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP)

East Hants has developed a plan to reduce the risk of harm during extreme weather.

During the winter period we monitor weather daily and receive cold weather alerts from UK health Security Agency (UKHSA) regarding the risk weather may present. Periods of below zero temperatures or other extreme weather conditions may also trigger the SWEP such as torrential rain/flooding etc

If SWEP is activated staff will assess the circumstances of those rough sleeping to determine the most suitable accommodation to be provided for the duration of the severe weather.

Procedure For SWEP placements

Housing Solutions team work closely with Two Saints to identify and contact those confirmed as rough sleepers

Rough sleepers requiring assistance can also make contact during office hours with the housing team by calling 01730 234415 or by emailing .

Outside of office hours they can use the council’s emergency contact telephone number 07850 358156. 

Placement may be in bed and breakfast or in other emergency accommodation.

Whilst in placement support is offered through the housing solutions team and two saints to address the longer term issue of homelessness.

During the period of the SWEP the rough sleeper is not required to demonstrate eligibility for assistance as homeless (including whether they have any recourse to public funds), priority need, intentionality or local connection.

Placements are subject to a charge, but you will receive support to claim housing benefit to fund this.

A Placement agreement is signed prior to placement and any breech of that agreement such as anti social behavioural or unacceptable behaviour may lead to the placement being withdrawn.