When property is sold or leased, a local land charges search (sometimes called a local authority search) is nearly always carried out as part of the conveyancing process.

This is to inform the buyer of any problems or responsibilities they will be taking on when purchasing the property.

A standard search usually involves completion of:

This covers things such as listed building, conservation areas and tree preservation orders.

  • A Con 29R form

This covers other ‘required’ information, such as previous planning applications, building control history, plans for nearby roads, and land contamination.

It may be necessary to make further enquiries relevant to the property using the Con 29O (optional enquiries) form. This covers things such as rights of way, common land, pipelines and pollution notices.

We aim to process all search requests in 10 working days.

Land charges and searches fees 2023-24

Item Total
LLC1 £42.00
Con29 £156.00
LLC1 for additional parcel of land £5.00
Con29 for additional parcel of land £21.00
Con29 optional questions 4, 21, 22 £42.00
Con29 optional questions £33.00
Solicitors own questions £27.00
Planning 1.1 a-e £21.00
Building Regulations 1.1 f-i £9.00
Planning Designations and proposals 1.2 £9.00
Land required for public purposes 3.1 £9.00
Outstanding notices 3.7 a-d £12.00
Contravention of building regulations 3.8 £15.00
Outstanding notices 3.9 a-d £12.00
Outstanding notices 3.9 e-l £12.00
Outstanding notices 3.9 m £9.00
Outstanding notices 3.9 n £9.00
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) 3.10 £9.00
Conservation areas 3.11 a £9.00
Conservation areas 3.11 b £9.00
Compulsory purchase 3.12 £9.00
Assets of Community Value 3.15 £9.00

Arranging a search

The easiest way is to conduct a search online through the National Land Information Service (NLIS). This service connects users to land and property information held by local authorities, and also provides an online payment platform. TM Group provides a similar service.

Alternatively, you can conduct a search directly with the council. Please print off the forms and send them to land.charges@easthants.gov.uk. You will then be contacted by phone for payment by debit card, or you can send a cheque.

You can also come to the main council office and inspect the register yourself. This is free of charge, but you must make an appointment by calling the Land Charges office on 01730 234251 or 234262.