The purpose of gambling licensing is to:

  • prevent gambling causing, or being associated with, crime
  • ensure that gambling is carried out in a fair and open way
  • protect children and other vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling


Licences are needed for:

  • casinos
  • bingo halls 
  • betting offices
  • adult gaming centres 
  • family entertainment centres

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Permits are needed for:

  • gaming and gaming machines in clubs
  • unlicensed family entertainment centres
  • gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises

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Lotteries and raffles

Some lotteries and raffles don’t need a licence or permit. These include charity lotteries where the tickets are only sold at the event at which the prizes are drawn, and workplace raffles where the all the money raised is spent on prizes.

If you sell lottery or raffle tickets in advance, you may need a council permit or a licence from the Gambling Commission. This depends on the amount of money you are likely to raise.

You need a council permit if:

  • You are likely to raise less than £25,000 in a year
  • No single prize is worth more than £20,000
  • You are not a commercial organisation.

Please complete the following application and returns form.

You need a gambling commission licence if one or more of the following applies:

  • You are likely to raise more than £250,000 in a year
  • You have single prizes of more than £20,000 
  • You are a commercial organisation.

Read more about which licence you need and how to apply.