You should submit your application form at least 6 weeks before your event.

Road closures cannot be issued by us for sporting events such as bike rides and should be referred to our traffic team.

Road closures that we issue are for public processions, rejoicing, illuminations and thronging (a crowd of people present)

The fee for a road closure is only required for commercial events. If street trading is taking place and/or an entry fee is required then a fee needs to be paid. No fee is required for churches and national celebrations.

1. Street parties and fetes

  • are usually for residents only (fewer than 500 people)
  • only affect travel by residents, so no diversions are needed
  • are publicised only to residents
  • don’t usually need licences
  • don’t need liability insurance (although it is strongly recommended)
  • don’t need a formal risk assessment
  • are self-organised.

Application and guidance

2. Larger public events

  • open to anyone (but could also be a larger, residents only, gathering)
  • affect through traffic (for example, bus routes) 
  • are likely to require road diversions 
  • are publicised externally (such as in newspapers)
  • usually need licensing – especially if you are planning a fireworks display, entertainment is provided or alcohol is sold, or where food is provided late at night
  • need liability insurance 
  • need a risk assessment common 
  • are usually arranged by professional/skilled organisers.

Application and guidance