Be quick to snap up our speed cameras

Speeding car

Some of East Hampshire’s most dangerous roads could soon come under the watchful eye of a new wave of hi-tech speed cameras. 

Parish councils and community groups have been applying for Speedwatch cameras, provided for free by East Hampshire District Council. 

The cameras share the data they record with the police and help authorities put the brakes on dangerous drivers. 

Speeding is an issue in towns and villages across the district, so we are offering 20 sets of cameras to help communities fight back against speeding motorists.  

The scheme is one of 12 welfare projects launched this April and funded by £350,000 set aside in this year’s budget. 

Cllr Tony Costigan, EHDC Cabinet member, is driving the project. He said: “There is almost nowhere in East Hampshire that doesn’t suffer with cars driving at dangerously high speeds along quiet residential roads. 

“They are putting themselves and other road users at risk. 

“These cameras can help stop this by identifying hotspots and giving the police the information they need to keep our roads safe.” 

The discreet, solar-powered cameras will record data on traffic speeds and vehicle movements to help build up an accurate picture of which roads suffer the worst speeding. 

They come in sets of three, taking an average speed from passing cars, and registering number plates, times of high traffic and other related information.  

The data can then be shared with the police, giving them a clear idea of when traffic speeds are highest, when traffic is heaviest and who the serial offenders are. 

EHDC’s role will be to fund the cameras, but local communities will liaise with the police and Hampshire County Council on how to use the data collected and where cameras should be positioned. 

The Speedwatch camera scheme was announced in February by EHDC Leader Cllr Richard Millard as one of 12 new welfare projects funded by £350,000. 

Originally the scheme provided for ten camera systems, but the initial interest was so strong that Cllr Millard doubled the number to twenty. 

Cllr Millard said: “Speeding on our roads is a serious threat to residents and many people feel there are roads in their neighbourhoods where cars regularly go too fast. 

“I am not surprised there is such high demand for these cameras and I was happy to double to the number we are making available.” 

To apply for a camera set, or to find out more information, please contact