Communities learn how to cope in an emergency

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Community leaders and members of the public gathered last week to learn more about how to organise a response to an emergency in their locality.

The Community Resilience conference was held at Petersfield Festival Hall, on Thursday 27 April.

The event featured presentations from a range of expert organisations, such as the Red Cross and the Environment Agency, which gave advice on how to set up your own emergency network.

A representative of the Rowlands Castle & Finchdean Flood Action Group gave first hand experience of the impacts of flooding on a local community and the importance of being ready to respond. 

The event was run in partnership by EHDC, Hampshire County Council and the Local Resilience Framework.

Rebecca Mundy, EHDC's Safety and Emergency Planning Officer, said: "You never know when an emergency might occur in your community, so it's really important to have the means to respond in a coherent and considered way.

"This Community Resilience event was a fantastic way to get local people thinking about what they need to do to be as ready as possible in case the unexpected happens."

If you want more information about how to prepare your community in an emergency please contact Rebecca Mundy: