EHDC decides market offers better pest control options

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We are constantly challenging ourselves to make sure the services we deliver meet the needs of our customers. 

As result of the number of pest control services available on the open market we have taken the decision to stop offering a paid-for pest control treatment service.  

We take an evidence-based approach to making decisions and when looking at this service we found that the number of customers is dwindling while the pest control industry has expanded to provide many competitive alternatives. 

Councils have a statutory duty to keep the district free from rats and mice, and we will continue to ensure that this is the case, but will not provide a treatment service itself.  

The service has been paid for by customers who choose to use it. In recent years there has been an expansion in the industry and the council no longer needs to provide a service that is being catered for by the market and does not want to compete with local businesses in this area.  

Competition within the market is fierce and dedicated pest control companies offer very competitive prices alongside other services. EHDC’s market share is small and should not compete with market leaders within the private sector.  

On average, 400 pest control treatments are undertaken on an annual basis by EHDC (Jan 2021 to Jan 2022) and this number has been steadily dwindling, which means it is not financially viable to continue running it. So rather than support the service with funds taken from the taxpayer we have taken the decision to stop this service.  

Cllr Angela Glass, EHDC’s Portfolio Holder for Regulation & Enforcement, said: “We constantly review how we deliver our services and challenge what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.  

“Our pest control service is not financially viable, and it can be delivered very effectively and at a lower cost by the market.  

“We will obviously continue to uphold our statutory duty to keep the district free from rats and mice, but providing this service ourselves is not the solution.” 

The service will stop on 1 January 2024.