Our speed camera systems are going fast

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Message from Cllr Richard Millard, EHDC Leader 

I am accelerating the roll-out of an anti-speeding scheme by doubling the number of road safety cameras we are making available to East Hampshire communities. 

In February I announced EHDC would fund ten speedwatch camera systems to help keep tabs on high-speed hotspots on our roads. 

These cameras will record data on traffic speeds and vehicle movements to help build up an accurate picture of which roads suffer the worst speeding. 

Following the announcement, the response from anti-speeding groups and local town and parish councils was so good that I have decided to double the funding and provide twice as many cameras. 

Speeding on our roads is a serious threat to residents and many people feel there are roads in their neighbourhoods where cars regularly go too fast. 

I announced this programme as one of 12 new welfare schemes we will launch in the new financial year. Requests came flooding in straightaway and demand soon out-stripped supply. 

That’s why we have decided to double the funding and make these hi-tech camera systems available to more areas where residents feel traffic speeds are a real problem. 

The speedwatch cameras come in sets of three, each taking an average speed reading from passing cars. 

They record number plates, vehicle speeds, times of high traffic and other related data which may then be passed on to the police to see if there is a pattern of traffic issues in certain areas. 

As demand for these camera systems is so high we will be working with the police and local organisations to make sure they are placed in the locations where they can do the most good. 

EHDC’s role will be to fund the cameras, but local communities will liaise with the police directly on how to use the data collected. 

Parish and town councils, or local Speedwatch organisations, can find out more about the scheme by emailing natalie.meagher@easthants.gov.uk

The speed camera systems are one of 12 new initiatives that have been worked into our welfare programme. 

You can read all about the new schemes here: