Help us to avoid bin lorry fires this summer

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Last summer, bin collections were disrupted several times by fires in our bin lorries.

The causes of lorry fires can vary, but the main ones are barbecues, hot ashes and batteries.

With warmer weekends on the way, we thought it would be worth sharing some tips to avoid a lorry fire.

What can (and can't) go in your bins

Barbecues and hot ashes

With the hot weather, barbecues can take up to 48 hours to cool down.

Disposable barbecues should go in your refuse (green) bin but please ensure that they’re cold before you put them in.

You may find that dousing them with water helps.


Batteries, particularly lithium batteries (which you get in things like phones, vapes and some electronic toys) can cause fires if they are crushed in the back of a vehicle.

Batteries and vapes can be recycled at most places that sell them or at the HWRC (tip). Small electrical items can also be recycled at HWRCs.

To find out more about what can (and can’t) go in your bins, please visit our website.