Read all about it! Local Plan consultation comments ready to view

Local plan tree

More than 8,000 comments made on proposed policies and sites 

All the comments we received during our recent Local Plan consultation are now ready to read. 

Our consultation ran between 22 January and 8 March and invited residents to give us their views on policies and proposed development sites. 

To allow people to read the Local Plan in bite-sized chunks and make comments on the parts that mattered most to them, we used a consultation platform. The comments received using the consultation platform are available through the link below

Read comments submitted to our consultation website

We also accepted comments submitted by email and by letter. These comments have been read and collated by the planning team and are now on our website. Some comments have been redacted where private individuals have been mentioned. 

Read comments submitted by email or letter

Consultation comments by numbers 

2357 people responded on our consultation website. They submitted 8,109 comments and agreements.  

On email, we received comments from; 

23 statutory consultees 

36 interest groups 

326 individuals 

17 East Hampshire parish and town councils 

91 industry professionals (developers, planning agents, land agents and landowners) 

1 petition