Appeals against planning decisions are decided by the Planning Inspectorate, a government agency.

Reasons for appeal  

  • Refusal of planning permission
  • Lack of a decision by the district council on a planning application within the statutory eight weeks
  • A condition has been imposed on a planning permission

Only 33% of appeals are successful, so you should look carefully at the reasons for refusal before you submit an appeal.

Time limits for appeals

Appeals must be made within the following times, from the date of the application refusal.

  • A planning application by a householder – 12 weeks
  • Advertisement applications – 8 weeks
  • Work to trees protected by a preservation order or in a conservation area – 4 weeks
  • Any other type of planning application – 6 months

Fastrack householder appeals

Special rules apply to appeals by householders to speed up the process.

  • People not directly involved in the application, such as neighbours, won’t be given another opportunity to comment, although they will be told about the appeal.
  • The council will provide the Planning Inspectorate with an electronic case file. This will include the appeal questionnaire and all the documents referred to, including letters from third parties.
  • No further written statements can be submitted.