It is important that you submit the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Additional Information Form with your planning application, to ensure that your CIL liability is calculated correctly. As soon as practicable after the grant of planning permission we will issue your CIL liability notice. If you disagree with the liability notice, you must first request a review under Section 113 of the CIL Regulations.

To do this, send a letter to stating why you think the liability notice is incorrect, to the council or email marked "Request for CIL S113 Review". There is a time limit of 28 days beginning on the day the liability notice stating the chargeable amount was issued.

If this does not resolve the issue, you may then appeal directly to the Valuation Office Agency under Section 114, 115 or 116 of the CIL Regulations.

There are also provisions to appeal against the council taking enforcement action in relation to the non-payment of CIL. Further information on CIL Appeals (including where enforcement action has been taken) can be found on the Planning Portal as well as in our Developer Contributions Guide.