Beech neighbourhood plan

The examination of the Beech Neighbourhood Plan has now concluded. East Hampshire District Council has considered the independent examiner’s report and has agreed to make all of the proposed modifications to the plan, in order to meet the 'basic conditions' for neighbourhood planning that are set out in legislation.

The examiner’s report, the council’s decision statement and a modified version of the Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed below:

Beech Parish Council fully supports the proposed modifications to its Neighbourhood Plan. The next stage of the plan-making process is a referendum on the modified Neighbourhood Plan, involving the residents of Beech parish.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government has issued legislation that prevents a referendum being held before 6th May 2021. However, in accordance with national planning practice guidance, the modified plan now carries considerable weight for relevant planning applications within Beech parish.

The examiner’s report, the council’s decision statement and the modified Beech Neighbourhood Plan can only be viewed online at this time, due to lockdown restrictions that prevent access to public buildings in East Hampshire during the coronavirus pandemic.

Updates on the Beech Neighbourhood Plan, including the details of a future referendum, will be provided through updates to this webpage. If you have any queries, please contact:

Background – Regulation 16 and Examination

The Regulation 16 Beech Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation took place between Monday 22 July and Monday 2 September 2019.

Following the conclusion of the Regulation 16 Consultation, East Hampshire District Council and Beech Parish Council jointly appointed Ann Skippers as the independent examiner for the Beech Neighbourhood Plan.

The examiner considering the Neighbourhood Plan in the context of representations to the Regulation 16 Consultation and decided to hold a public hearing on12 February 2020, to give Gladman Developments Ltd a fair chance to put forward their case.

This is because their representation at pre-submission (Regulation 14) stage of the Neighbourhood Planning process was not considered by Beech Parish Council.

A meeting note for the public hearing is available below, along with other relevant documents for the hearing itself:

The Regulation 16 Submission documents can be seen below:

The Parish Council also submitted the following documents as part of their evidence base:

In response to the Regulation 16 Beech Neighbourhood Plan Consultation, the Council received 12 representations. A list of the representations can be found below:

Background – Regulation 15 and Designation

Beech Parish Council submitted the Beech Neighbourhood Development Plan and plan proposal submission documents under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 2012 to East Hampshire District Council on 12 June 2019.

Further information on the Beech Neighbourhood Plan is available on the Beech Neighbourhood Plan Working Group’s website.

On 19 April 2017, East Hampshire District Council approved the formal designation of the Beech Neighbourhood Plan Area.