It is against the law to make a false claim for council tax support or housing benefit.

False claims mean we have less money for those who really need it and less money to spend on other public services.

False claims include:

  • not telling us you have a job
  • claiming as a single person when you have a partner
  • claiming from an address when you don’t live there
  • not telling us about your savings and property you own
  • not telling us about a pension
  • not telling us about changes in your situation that may affect your benefit. 

Reporting benefit fraud

We want to know about false claims so we can get the money back.

If you think someone is making a false claim for council tax support or housing benefit, you should report them. You don’t need to give your name.

Try to give as much information as possible, our team will then decide if there is enough evidence to investigate this further.

Investigations are confidential so you won’t be told of our findings.

Ways to report a suspected fraud

To report suspected fraud, please email