Our clinical waste collections are continuing as normal.

If you need to set up a clinical waste collection you must contact your GP surgery or other healthcare professional to make the request for you.

Once we have received the request you can contact our customer services on 01730 234295 to book a collection.

We split clinical waste into these categories:

Infectious waste (including syringes or needles)

We currently make separate weekly or on-demand collections of infectious waste from homes.

The orange sacks and yellow boxes are exchanged on a like for like basis, so if two sacks are put out for collection, two empty ones will be left to replace them.

Offensive or hygiene waste

You can put things like sanitary waste, nappies, incontinence pads and other similar waste in your green rubbish bin for normal collection.

If you think that you need more space, we may be able to provide you with additional capacity. Contact a healthcare professional to arrange it.

You should dispose of any liquid hygiene waste either down the sink or toilet.

Cytotoxic or cytostatic waste

We collect this type of waste on demand. It should be left in a purple lidded sharps box.

These boxes, provided on prescription with the medicines or sharps by your healthcare professional, are not exchanged on a like for like basis.

Waste produced through treatment in the home by a healthcare professional will not be collected by EHDC as it should be removed by the healthcare professional.