Bin collections

All waste collections will begin at 6am

Please ensure that your bin is out by 6am from Thursday 11 August so that our service provider's crews are able to take regular breaks for shade and water during the hot weather.

This arrangement will remain in place until the end of the summer, in case there are further prolonged periods of hot weather.

In order to avoid being missed, please put your bin out the night before your collection day.

Thank you for your cooperation in supporting our crews.

Bin collection update - Wednesday 10 August 2022

Our service provider has today (10 August) experienced some disruption to recycling collections in the Headley and Churt areas of the district due to a wheel puncture.

Please continue to leave your bins out and crews will collect them first thing tomorrow (11 August).

You only need to report your missed bin (rubbish, recycling or garden waste) if you notice that your neighbour's bin has been collected, but yours hasn't.

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Glass collection update - week commencing Monday 8 August 2022

Household glass collections remain problematic for our service provider, and we are working with them to get the service back on track. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

If your household glass collection is missed, you can either take your bottles to a bottle bank or leave any excess glass out in a suitable container for your next collection.

Our service provider continues to empty bottle banks around the district frequently to allow for additional demand.

If you find that your nearest bottle bank is full, please do not leave bottles next to it as this can cause a hazard for the teams emptying the banks.

You only need to report a missed bin (rubbish, recycling or garden waste) if you notice that your neighbour's bin has been collected, but yours hasn't.

East Hampshire District Council operates alternate-weekly kerbside recycling (black bin) and waste (green bin) collections. This means that rubbish is collected one week and recycling the next.

Glass is collected from homes every four weeks.

You can find your bin collection day by checking your online calendar. Please enter your postcode and your calendar will be displayed under 'waste and recycling'.

We also operate a fortnightly garden waste collection service.

Bin wasn’t collected?

You can report a missed bin 24/7 via your MyEHDC account.

Missed bins must be reported by 4pm on the next working day after your scheduled collection.

If you do not report a missed collection to us within this timeframe, you will have to wait until your next scheduled collection.

Please note, if your bin has been tagged for reasons such as being too heavy or contaminated we will not return. Also, if your bin is not placed on the boundary of your property, it will not be collected and we will not return.

What to do with your bin?

On your collection day, you should place your wheeled bin at the boundary of your property adjacent to the road.

Place your bin out at the edge of your property by 7am on your collection day.

Please ensure your bin lid is closed flat, for your collection.

Excess rubbish

Any excess rubbish left alongside the bin or on top will not be collected and will have to wait until the next scheduled rubbish collection.

If you have a larger family living permanently at the property, then you may be eligible for an additional bin.

Excess recycling

We will collect excess recycling which can be left in clear plastic sacks or a cardboard box next to your bin. Please ensure excess recycling is clean and dry.

Assisted collections

For those of you who are unable to take the bin to the edge of your property you can request an assisted collection.

This is where the rubbish and recycling crews will collect wheeled bins from an agreed location.

To organise assisted collections, please contact 01730 234295 to discuss your needs.

Who collects your bins?

Our environmental services (waste, recycling, street cleaning, public conveniences and grounds maintenance) are delegated to Havant Borough Council and delivered by Norse South East.

Where does my waste go?

Most of the non-recyclable waste collected from homes in Hampshire is taken to one of three Energy Recovery Facilities located in Marchwood, Chineham and Portsmouth. Find out more about where your waste goes on the Hampshire County Council website.