East Hampshire District Council has declared a climate emergency and as a small step towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, we will not be sending paper bin calendars to every home. 

We estimate that this will save around 325kg of carbon each year. 

    How do I get to my calendar?

    If you know the number of your calendar you can find it in the list below.

    If you do not know your bin calendar number, you can find it on our website by following these three steps:

    1. Please visit 'where I live' on the council website
    2. Type in your address and click on it in the drop-down menu
    3. Your calendar is under 'waste and recycling' 

    Bin calendars (refuse, recycling and glass) April - September 2023

    Hard to reach bin calendars April - September 2023

    Garden waste calendars April - September 2023

    Below are six-month calendars for the garden waste service. As part of the expansion of the service, your collection day may change from Monday 3 April 2023. It may also be on a different day from your other collections.