Building control site inspections

Some inspection requests will be supported by other remote assessment methods such as photographs or videos.

How do I request a site inspection?

If you have a current application with our building control team then you can ask for a site visit by phoning the council on 01730 234207. You cannot request an inspection until an application has been lodged and payment for the application made.

You will need to make your request by 4pm on the working day before your site inspection is needed. This has changed from our previous 10am same day service to enable us to deliver more inspections earlier in the day to customers, when demand is at its highest.

When are inspections carried out?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with an exact time prior to our visit. Please request a call 30 minutes prior to our arrival when booking your inspection if you know you’re not going to be on site all day.

What happens if nobody is on site?

Please ensure that access is still available for the Surveyor to inspect and that the site is safe.

Where Surveyors are unable to carry out the inspection that has been requested due to access not being provided, such as the site being locked, the council reserve the right to make an additional charge to cover the cost of its wasted time.

What stages do I need to contact the council at?

There are certain stages that you must notify the council of. You will be sent details of these.

The council may inspect at these stages or it may choose to carry out the assessment of the works in other ways, for example requesting photographic evidence. Once you have notified the council at the particular stage the Surveyor will let you know what is required.

If you do not know what you need to notify the council of please contact the building control team on 01730 234207.

What happens if I forget to notify the council?

You may be asked to expose works for inspection or provide further information. The council may also withhold a completion certificate if it is not satisfied with the works.