S106 Generic funding was collected from developments to mitigate the impact of new development to fund community projects across the district.

In order to view what money is held, please review our public facing module as this provides the most up to date data as to available funds.

The funding window for applications district wide follows the two distinct processes below:

For applications Under £49,999

Once the application window is open, the window will not close and be considered a rolling window. This means that applications can be submitted throughout the year. Applications will be considered via delegated approval via a bidding panel.

For applications over £50,000

The window will open from the 29th January 2024 through to the 15th March 2024 and be open for a set timeframe to enable sufficient resourcing of staff. Applications will be considered in line with the agreed strategy approved at Cabinet in October 2017. For this section, this will be via a bidding panel before being put to Cabinet for approval.

Following this, the window will open annually from approximately February through March each year until funds are no longer available. To submit an application, please email your submission to cil@easthants.gov.uk.

Further information

Further information is available in the below documentation: