Council tax discount for care leavers

East Hampshire District Council is passionate about improving the lives of our care leavers.

From 1 April 2019 you may be entitled to 100% discount on your council tax bill, so you pay nothing, if you:

  • are a care leaver aged between 18 and 25
  • have been in the care of Hampshire County Council for at least 13 weeks from the age of 14
  • were in care on your 16th birthday
  • are liable for council tax or a share of council tax on a dwelling in the East Hampshire area.

If this applies to you, you still need to apply for any other reduction to which you are entitled to such as:

  • student discount or exemption
  • single person discount
  • council tax reduction

We will top up your entitlement with a care leaver discount so you will not have to pay council tax until you reach your 25th birthday.

Award criteria

  • care leavers who are solely liable to pay council tax will be awarded 100% relief on the amount of council tax they are liable to pay after all statutory discounts and exemptions have been applied
  • where a care leaver is jointly liable, a proportionate award will be made according to their individual circumstances
  • where a care leaver is not liable for council tax, no discount will be awarded.

The discount only applies to Hampshire County Council care leavers living in the district.

This discount is only for council tax due after 1 April 2019, so you will still need to pay any council tax you owe for an earlier period.

Your personal advisor or another approved person must complete Part 3 of the form.

The Revenues Team will inform you once the discount has been agreed.