East Hampshire Community Chest

The East Hampshire Community Chest is a grant scheme set-up to award funds raised through the East Hampshire Community Lottery. East Hampshire Community Lottery is a weekly lottery that directly supports local good causes and community initiatives. A portion of every ticket sold for the lottery is collected into the Community Chest fund.

The East Hampshire Community Lottery was launched in April 2020 and now has more than 50 local Good Causes signed up who benefit from funds raised via their own ticket sales. 60% of every ticket sold for the lottery goes to local good causes, either directly or into the Community Chest fund.

The Community Chest has now closed for 2021 and will reopen for applications on 1 September 2022.

Only Good Causes who are active participants in the East Hants Lottery will be eligible to bid for funding from the Community Chest.

Find out more about the Community Lottery or would like to sign-up to become a Good Cause.

Further details of the Community Chest and how to apply will be made available here before the 2022 funding opens.

If you would like further information about this fund, please contact communitygrants@easthants.gov.uk.

Projects which have been awarded funding in November 2021 through the Community Chest grant

The following grant awards were determined by EHDC's Grants and Awards Cabinet Liaison Panel on 9 November 2021.

  • Artscape were awarded £1000 for 6 outdoor creative workshops in Bordon.
  • Basingstoke & Alton Cardiac Rehabilitation Charity were awarded £954 to purchase heart rate monitoring equipment.
  • Liss Infant School PTA were awarded £1000 for a new school library.
  • Liss Mens Shed were awarded £660 for fire doors in their new workshop.
  • Petersfield Community Association were awarded £1000 to purchase floor cleaner.
  • Petersfield Cricket Club were awarded £1000 to purchase furniture.
  • Petersfield Voluntary Care Group were awarded £542 for leaflet printing and distribution.
  • The Rosemary Foundation were awarded £1000 for memorial benches.