The electoral services team organises elections, including the administration of european, county council and parliamentary elections, as well as district and parish elections.

All this must be done inside the legislative framework and timetable set by government. It means organising polling stations, polling staff, the count venue, count staff, all postal votes and publicity of elections.

The electoral services team is also responsible for compiling the electoral register and making sure people are entitled to register to vote.

Election results

The results for previous elections and by-elections are available on our dedicated webpage; including the recent Horndean Downs and Alton Wooteys by-elections.

Polling station changes

Following the recent ward boundary review that was carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission, the wards within the district have changed. This means your polling station may also have changed.

You can search for your nearest polling station ahead of any upcoming election by visiting the 'where do I vote?' website. You will also find this information on your poll card.

Who can I vote for?

Residents can find out who they can vote for in upcoming elections by visiting the 'who can I vote for?' website.

Candidates standing in the election are encouraged to include information about themselves and what they stand for, to help residents make up their mind on who to vote for.