Finding somewhere to live

Your housing options:

Rent privately

  • Unless you have a high priority on Hampshire Home Choice waiting list, private renting is the quickest way to get local housing.
  • You may be able to join the Hampshire Home Choice register whilst you are renting privately. This will give you time accrued on the register which can improve your chances of being housed within the scheme.
  • The Accommodation Liaison Officer can offer assistance in finding privately rented properties in the district.
  • How do I find a private rented property? (pdf 96 kb)
  • Private rented accommodation - Q&As (pdf 338 kb)
  • We may be able to offer you financial assistance in securing a property through the Tenancy Bond/ Deposit Scheme. Please refer to the Landlord Hub for further information on the scheme.

Affordable home ownership

Registering with other councils

  • You can apply to go on the housing waiting list of any council in the country, and can be registered on more than one list. Each council has its own rules about who qualifies for their list, and its own policy for prioritising applicants.
  • Apply for council housing

Apply for Hampshire Home Choice

  • Hampshire Home Choice is a way of looking for social housing available for rent across the Hampshire Home Choice sub-region and aims to give applicants a choice in deciding where they wish to live.
  • Hampshire Home Choice Allocations Framework
  • If you have a query about Hampshire Home Choice including Sheltered schemes you should contact the Housing Support Officers on 01730 234358/234277. You can see one of these offices at the council offices during a drop in surgery Monday to Friday 9:30–12:30.

Emergency housing

  • If you are threatened with Homelessness within 56 days you should contact the council offices immediately on 01730 234415 or visit the council offices Monday to Friday 9:30–12:30.
  • We may only be able to see you at the council offices outside of these times if you are threatened with homelessness on that day.
  • We would advise that you contact the team at the earliest opportunity to give the maximum amount of time to prevent your homelessness.

We do not have a duty to house every homeless person but we do have a duty to provide advice and assistance to anyone who wants it.

You may be homeless or threatened with homelessness if:

  • You have nowhere to stay
  • You have been given notice to leave your home
  • It is not reasonable for you to return or remain in your home
  • You have been illegally evicted.

If you fall into one of the above categories then you need to contact us to get advice and information about your legal rights and housing options.

Supported accommodation, refuges and temporary accommodation

If you have a query about these types of accommodation, please contact the Housing Advisors on 01730 234415 or visit the council offices Monday to Friday 9:30–12:30 only.