Housing service

The housing service deals with matters relating to housing options and homelessness in the East Hampshire District.

Finding somewhere to live

Unless you have high priority on the Hampshire Home Choice waiting list, private renting is the quickest way to get local housing.

Hampshire Home Choice

Hampshire Home Choice is a sub-regional choice based lettings scheme managed by East Hampshire District Council in partnership with other local authorities.

Emergency housing

If you find yourself in a situation where you are homeless immediately, please call the offices on 01730 234415.

Landlord and tenant hub

We work in partnership with private landlords and local agents to offer a housing options service to residents of East Hampshire District Council.


Find out what to do if you are faced with being made homeless.

Household support fund

This fund is to support those in exceptional cases of genuine emergency where existing support from housing benefit, Universal Credit (housing element) and discretionary housing payments do not meet the exceptional need.