Fly tipping

How do I report fly-tipping?

You can report fly tipping through your My East Hampshire District Council account. Using the contact us form, please select 'fly tipping - clearance'.

Alternatively you can phone customer services on 0300 300 0013 or if you see the offence being committed, please phone the Police on 101.

What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It is a crime that:

  • Damages the environment
  • Presents a public health risk
  • Is a financial burden to the state

Fly-tipping can vary in scale and type, examples include:

  • An individual dumping garden waste in a lay-by
  • Furniture or electrical equipment being dumped outside a home (i.e. a sofa or television)
  • Inappropriate waste placed in or next to incorrect bins (i.e. household waste left next to a bottle bank)
  • Individuals depositing items outside of Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)
  • Illegal traders receiving payment for disposal and subsequently dumping waste
  • Commercial waste being disposed incorrectly (i.e. outside of licensed arrangements)
  • Large-scale dumping of industrial waste

You are responsible…

Be aware that you are personally responsible for the disposal of your waste. If your waste is found dumped illegally you could be fined up to £400 by East Hampshire District Council.

If convicted at court, the maximum fine is unlimited and you could face 12 months in prison.

To dispose of items not collected by your household refuse and recycling collections, the following options are available:

  • Paying for East Hampshire District Council’s bulky waste collection service. Prices vary according to the nature of the collection. To discuss in further detail, contact Customer Services on 0300 300 0013.
  • Personally delivering waste to Hampshire County Council’s waste recycling centres.
  • Paying for an approved licensed waste carrier and signing a waste transfer note handing over responsibility to them.

How do I know a waste carrier is legitimate?

It is most important to ensure your waste is disposed of correctly. By law, you are personally responsible for ensuring the safe and correct disposal of your unwanted items, even if you have paid someone else to do it. If your waste is found dumped illegally you could be fined.

An approved waste carrier will be licensed, and will provide paperwork signing over the responsibility for the waste from you to their service. The following will help with the process:

Our role against fly tipping

The council will remove waste and rubbish left dumped by fly tippers on public highways and public land. We do not remove rubbish from private property but we can advise you on disposal, if you are unable to take it to your nearest public amenity site.

Whenever possible, the council will prosecute those who fly tip and the law gives magistrates the power to fine offenders up to £50,000 in addition to a maximum prison sentence of two years.