Animal welfare

The environmental health team is responsible for enforcing the wide range of legislation in the UK designed to protect the health and welfare of both domesticated and wild animals.

Contaminated land

East Hampshire District Council has a responsibility to inspect land in its area with the purpose of identifying any contaminated land.

Community safety

Community safety covers activities designed to reduce crime, disorder, anti social behaviour, domestic abuse and behaviour that is harmful to the environment.

Food safety

The food and safety team make sure that food premises comply with food safety legislation at all stages of production, storage, distribution and service or sale.

Fly posting

Fly posting is the display of advertising material on buildings or highway land without the consent of the owner

Pest advice

This page offers advice on how to deal with rats and mice including finding entry points and using traps.

Unauthorised encampments

Unauthorised encampment is defined as a group of people with vehicles on land without the landowner or occupier's consent with the intention of residing.