Hampshire Home Choice

The council no longer manages or provides affordable housing.

This is done by not-for-profit organisations called Housing Associations or Social Landlords. They sell or rent properties at a lower cost, than market prices and manage thousands of homes in this area.

The council operates a choice based lettings scheme, called Hampshire Home Choice, which all the housing associations with stock in the district are signed up to.

The aim of Hampshire Home Choice is to:

  • provide a single system of allocations across the council areas
  • provide a system that customers can understand and which is both open and fair
  • increase the sustainability of local communities
  • assist customers in the highest assessed need and reduce homelessness
  • ensure that vulnerable customers are supported in being able to participate in the scheme.

Vulnerable people

To ensure that everyone is able to take part in the Hampshire Home Choice scheme a number of measures have been put in place to prevent vulnerable people from being disadvantaged.

Hampshire Home Choice will:

  • provide appropriate advice and assistance
  • translate key documents where necessary
  • provide information in alternative formats where necessary
  • develop partnership working with support agencies
  • undertake monitoring and regular reviews of the sub-regional Allocations Framework
  • offer assistance to customers who require additional help with the scheme
  • implement a full monitoring system to ensure vulnerable people are using the scheme successfully

What is the bidding process?

Choice-based lettings requires vacant social housing properties to be advertised and invites customers to apply or 'place a bid of interest' on properties they would like to be considered for.

If you would like to discuss a Hampshire Home Choice application, please call 01730 234358 or 01730 234277.