Hampshire Home Choice is a way of looking for social housing available for rent across the Hampshire Home Choice sub-region and aims to give applicants a choice in deciding where they wish to live.

There is more information about how the scheme works on the Hampshire Home Choice website.

How to login or register

You can login using your reference number or register your household on the Hampshire Home Choice website.

The aim of Hampshire Home Choice is to:

  • provide a single system of allocations across the council areas
  • provide a system that customers can understand and which is both open and fair
  • increase the sustainability of local communities
  • assist customers in the highest assessed need and reduce homelessness
  • ensure that vulnerable customers are supported in being able to participate in the scheme.

Vulnerable people

To ensure that everyone is able to take part in the Hampshire Home Choice scheme a number of measures have been put in place to prevent vulnerable people from being disadvantaged.

Hampshire Home Choice will:

  • provide appropriate advice and assistance
  • translate key documents where necessary
  • provide information in alternative formats where necessary
  • develop partnership working with support agencies
  • undertake monitoring and regular reviews of the sub-regional Allocations Framework
  • offer assistance to customers who require additional help with the scheme
  • implement a full monitoring system to ensure vulnerable people are using the scheme successfully

The Allocations Framework can be viewed directly on the Hampshire Home Choice website.