Licence conditions and byelaws

All licences have conditions attached to them.  Additionally, the council has adopted byelaws covering hackney carriages.

Designated wheelchair accessible vehicles 

Designated wheelchair accessible vehicles in accordance with section 167 of the equality act 2010

Taxi forum

The taxi forum is usually held twice a year and gives the opportunity for members of the trade, licensing and other interested parties to meet and discuss issues.

Please contact the licensing team for the date of the next meeting.

East Hampshire taxi association

All drivers are reminded that they are able to join the East Hampshire taxi association (EHTA) free of charge.

The EHTA meets regularly to discuss issues affecting the trade. The licensing team can also attend meetings if requested.

We would encourage all drivers to sign up with the EHTA in order for views across the trade to be expressed. We will also include the EHTA in our consultations.

Drivers can sign up at the EHTA website or contact Pete Blackman of Alton 8s on 01420 88888 for more details.