Litter and dog fouling

You can be fined £80 if you drop litter or £100 if you do not clean up after your dog. This is referred to as a fixed penalty notice (FPN), a fine issued by the council in respect of low-level environmental or public health crime.

Paying a fine

To pay a fine please use our online service. Select either Littering FPN or Dog Fouling FPN as appropriate. If you are not aware of your reference number, please call 01730 234131.

Our litter campaign

We want visitors to notice how clean our district is and for residents to feel real pride in it.

Anyone who drops litter, including cigarette butts or chewing gum can be fined £80. Failing to clean up after a dog will lead to a £100 fine.

The scheme will be paid for through fines raised. EHDC will put money raised through the scheme back into public services.

The aims of the campaign:

  • to reduce litter
  • to encourage people to clean up after their dogs
  • to raise awareness that dropping litter or failing to clean up after their dogs will mean a £80 fine or £100 fine respectively.

Litter hotspots

Where should the enforcement officers patrol? If you know of a 'litter hotspot' which would benefit from one of our officers attending, please email