Neighbourhood Character Study

High standards of building design and layout are key to achieving sustainable development. An understanding and evaluation of the defining characteristics of local built environments is important for ensuring that these high standards will be met in East Hampshire.

On behalf of East Hampshire District Council, Hampshire County Council was commissioned to undertake assessments of local character and distinctiveness in particular neighbourhoods of the district (outside of the South Downs National Park).

These assessments form part of a Neighbourhood Character Study, which will help to inform East Hampshire's new local plan for areas outside of the South Downs National Park. It is also material for the consideration of planning applications in areas that are covered by the saved policies H9 and H10 of the East Hampshire Local Plan: Second Review 2006.

The Neighbourhood Character Study is published below in six sections:

  1. East Hampshire NCS Chapters 1 to 3 (pdf 1.6 mb)
  2. East Hampshire NCS Chapter 4 (North Western Area) (pdf 8.2 mb)
  3. East Hampshire NCS Chapter 4 (North Eastern Area) (pdf 5.6 mb)
  4. East Hampshire NCS Chapter 4 (Southern Parishes) (pdf 3.9 mb)
  5. East Hampshire NCS Chapters 5 to 7 & Appendix 1 (pdf 2.1 mb)
  6. East Hampshire NCS Appendix 2 (Maps) (pdf 14.6 mb)