Our organisation

East Hampshire District Council is responsible for services such as bin collections, collecting council tax, housing, planning applications, environmental health and more.

Constitution of the council

The constitution of the council sets out exactly how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Our achievements

  • £30m investment in leisure centres – without a single penny coming from the taxpayer
  • Prevented 620 people from becoming homeless
  • Reduced our share of Council Tax by 2.6%
  • £455,000 income from consultancy services – so we can keep Council Tax low
  • Continuing to deliver high-quality, efficient services to local residents and businesses
  • 54% of our residents agree that we provide value for money
  • £368,000 awarded in councillor and cabinet grants, directly benefitting the community.

You can find more of our achievements and strategies in our annual report.

Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council covers the whole of the county and provides most of the public services in the area.

They are responsible for services such as education, transport, emergency planning, social care, libraries, waste disposal, trading standards and more.

Hampshire County Council services:

Town and parish councils

Town and parish councils are responsible for smaller local services such as parks, community centres, allotments, bus shelters, play areas and equipment and more.