A parking fine is also know as a penalty charge notice (PCN). If you feel that you have been issued a PCN incorrectly, you may challenge it in writing within 14 days.

If you make a challenge, the discount period will be extended whilst we review your case - you are not allowed to make repeated challenges in order to extend the discount period.

If we accept your reasons for challenging the PCN, we will cancel the PCN and no further action will be taken.

If your informal challenge is unsuccessful, our reply will explain how you may make a formal representation by way of the statutory appeals process. This process will start when you receive the notice to owner from us (this will be sent 28 days after the PCN was issued).

Grounds for appealing your ticket

We are only permitted to reconsider the issue of a PCN based on a limited list of nationally standard circumstances.

This procedure applies across the whole of England (except London) and ensures that the rules are applied consistently and without favour.

Below are a list of grounds for appealing your ticket:

  1. The contravention didn’t occur, for example, there were unclear or misleading signs, non-visible markings, or the ticket wasn't issued
  2. The penalty exceeded the relevant amount – the council asked for more than it was entitled to
  3. The council says the PCN was served by post because the traffic warden was prevented from giving the ticket, but this didn’t happen
  4. The vehicle was stolen or the person wasn’t the owner when the alleged contravention occurred
  5. A procedural impropriety – maybe the PCN didn’t contain the required information
  6. The Traffic Regulation Order was invalid, for example, the council added a new restriction, such as a yellow line, without following procedures
  7. The owner was a vehicle hire firm
  8. The PCN has already been paid
  9. Mitigating circumstances, for example, health issues or vehicle breakdown.

How to challenge

Within your informal challenge please ensure that you supply:

  • The PCN number will have XH as the prefix
  • Your name and full address so that we may reply to you in writing
  • Any supporting evidence (for example, a valid car park ticket, police incident number).


You can challenge a parking fine online.

Please note: online challenges cannot be submitted on the same day that the penalty charge notice has been issued.

Challenge a parking fine online

Email us

You can submit an informal challenge to us by email at parking.office@easthants.gov.uk.

By post

You can submit an informal challenge to us in writing, please send it to: Parking and Traffic Management, PO Box 263, Petersfield, GU32 9FD.