A number of parking permits are available for residents and workers in East Hampshire.

Please be advised, there might be parking restrictions at your property which will prevent us from approving your application.

New virtual permits go live

Buy virtual permits by using the RingGo website and app

Permits can be brought for three, six or 12 months and can be used in most of the council-owned car parks. Prices will be available on the RingGo website and discounts will apply in some instances.

What's changed 

The paperless permits can be purchased with the following benefits:

  • you will be able to check your permit online (you will no longer receive a paper one)
  • you can login using a mobile phone or email account to apply for a permit online – it's quick and simple to create an account
  • you will be issued with a permit as soon as your application is approved, meaning you won't have to wait up
  • when the electronic permit is getting near its expiry date, we'll send you a reminder by email

These changes affect all types of parking permits in East Hampshire District Council’s pay and display parking zones.

As soon as your permit is issued, its details will become available to our Civil Enforcement Officers out on the streets. Our officers have hand-held computers that can scan the registration numbers of vehicles in parking permit areas. The computers will tell them whether a valid permit is associated with the vehicle. 

Already have a parking permit?

If you already have a paper parking permit that is valid, you don't need to do anything. It will continue to be valid until its expiry date. When we issue you an electronic permit, you'll be sent the details by email.

Season tickets

Permits are available to purchase on a 3 month, 6 month or annual basis to enable you to park within the town centre car parks.

The permit will display the vehicle registration, and up to two vehicle registrations may be displayed on one permit.

The permit will only be valid within the car park specified on the permit.

Discounts are applicable for residents with no off street parking (proof of residency & vehicle ownership required), or if you own a low emission vehicle (proof of vehicle emissions required). Residents cannot apply for both discounts.