East Hampshire District Council has committed to see 120,000 trees planted in our district. The council made the pledge as part of a motion to declare a climate emergency in July 2019.

Our vision is to work with private and commercial landowners, parish and town councils, schools, colleges and communities to help plant a tree for every person in the district.

Picture of a tree

Join us

We are seeking partners to join us on the project, either to plant trees in East Hampshire or to discuss planting opportunities.

Sharing success and spreading the messages about tackling climate change is important - so please email easthantstreeplant@gmail.com if you would like more information about the initiative.

Tree facts and benefits

Clean Air

The canopies of trees act as a physical filter, trapping dust and absorbing pollutants from the air. Each individual mature tree removes up to 1.7 of kilos of pollutants every year - Protecting our lungs.

Heat Sinks

It’s estimated that trees can reduce the temperature in a city by up to 7°C reducing some of the need for air conditioning.


A mature Oak can be home to as many as 500 different species. Each of these ‘creatures’ will play a role in cycle of life and contribute to many hidden benefits we don’t always see.


Hedgerows in the UK stretch over 4 million miles, that’s 1.5 times the distance to the moon! Sadly in the last 75 years Britain has lost an estimated 50% of its hedgerows.

Planting hedgerows offers an important answer to the dual biodiversity and climate crises we are currently facing.