The Council works closely with Hampshire County Council (HCC), the Highways Authority, when preparing transport evidence to support the new Local Plan.

HCC’s Local Transport Plan is a key consideration for the Council when preparing and assessing transport evidence in relation to the new Local Plan.  LTP4 is nearing its final stages and will be in place soon (final consultation closed 26 June 2022).

The Council is working with our partners and consultants to ensure appropriate transport evidence is in place at each stage of plan making.

Transport evidence was prepared to support previous Local Plan consultations and stages. Whilst now dated, these remain available for reference.

Draft Local Plan Site Highway Assessment

To support the draft Local Plan (2019) the Council commissioned Hampshire County Council’s Engineering Consultancy to carry out a Highways Assessment to identify viable highway access to most of the proposed allocations at that time.

The study did not assess those sites in the Local Plan that:

  • Had planning consent
  • Were allocations or reserve allocations in the Development Plan
  • Were for small scale development, such as extensions to established gypsy and traveller sites.

Local Transport Studies

To support Neighbourhood Planning localised transport studies were prepared for Alton (June 2015) and Liphook (July 2018). These studies are available on the relevant Neighbourhood Planning webpages.