Property management

East Hampshire District Council holds a diverse portfolio of land and property, from industrial and retail units through to council occupied offices.

The property services team make sure that the council’s land and property is maintained, managed and used as efficiently and effectively as possible, balancing financial return with supporting council service delivery.

Property services carry out:

Estates surveying

  • Leasing and letting
  • Property acquisition and disposal
  • Valuation and appraisals
  • Financial management of property income and expenditure
  • Property data collection
  • Property information management
  • Strategic property advice

Building surveying

  • Property inspection
  • Building condition reports
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance programming
  • Reactive building maintenance
  • Refurbishment projects

Checking ownership of a property or piece of land

Please note that the council does not hold records of privately owned land or property.

If you would like information on privately owned property please contact the Land Registry on 0844 892 1111.

Land available to lease

The council manages land and properties in locations across the district. If you wish to discuss leasing a council owned property, please email

How do I report a commercial property in disrepair that is owned by the council?

As a commercial tenant you may be responsible for repairs to the building and you should first check your responsibilities under your lease before making contact.

If you are responsible for the repair you will be expected to make your own arrangements.