Road closures for public celebrations and events

You can ask for a road to be closed for a small event, such as a street party or fete, or for a larger public event.

You should submit your application form at least 6 weeks before your event.

1. Street parties and fetes

  • are usually for residents only (fewer than 500 people)
  • only affect travel by residents, so no diversions are needed
  • are publicised only to residents
  • don’t usually need licences
  • don’t need liability insurance (although it is strongly recommended)
  • don’t need a formal risk assessment
  • are self-organised.

Application and guidance

2. Larger public events

  • open to anyone (but could also be a larger, residents only, gathering)
  • affect through traffic (for example, bus routes)
  • are likely to require road diversions
  • are publicised externally (such as in newspapers)
  • usually need licensing – especially if you are planning a fireworks display, entertainment is provided or alcohol is sold, or where food is provided late at night
  • need liability insurance
  • need a risk assessment common
  • are usually arranged by professional/skilled organisers.

Application and guidance