Supplementary planning documents and guidance

Planning policy guidance documents help the public, agents, applicants and council officers prepare and evaluate development proposals.

There are different types of planning guidance documents that can be used by the council, including:

Supplementary planning documents (SPD)

Supplementary planning documents form part of the planning framework. They provide further details, guidance and principles on the policies in the Local Plan.

It is important to note that SPDs do not form part of the Statutory Development Plan itself however they are material considerations when processing planning applications and development proposals in the district and must be considered when making a planning decision.

Development briefs

Development briefs inform developers and other interested parties of the constraints and opportunities presented by a site and the type of development expected to inform local planning policies.

A Development Brief for the Molson Coors Brewery Site in Alton was approved by EHDC’s Cabinet on 30 June 2016 and will provide a framework to guide the future development of the site.

Guidance documents

Guidance documents help show what we are looking for in support of new developments. These are not policy documents but should be referred to as guidance when planning for development.