Garden waste

Due to a successful uptake on the garden waste service we have now reached capacity for the number of households that can be subscribed to the garden waste service under the current contract terms and conditions with Biffa. Regrettably we are unable to accept any new customers until further notice.

Should you wish to be added to the waiting list for the service please contact 0300 300 0013 to register your name address and telephone number and we will contact you once a space becomes available.

Alternatively you can take your garden waste to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre for composting, or you can take advantage of our Home Composting Scheme and compost your garden waste at home.


Putting out waste

You should put out your bin on the same day as your green refuse bin. We don’t run this service over the Christmas period. If you prefer, you can take your rubbish to your local household waste and recycling centre.

All garden waste collected goes to a composting site in Hampshire and is made into organic soil conditioner, widely used in local parks and formal gardens.

You should try to compost as much of your garden and kitchen waste as possible, as this is better for the environment and saves on fuel and transportation costs.

What can go in the bin:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Weeds
  • Small branches
  • Leaves (small amounts)
  • Prunings

What you can't put in:

  • Soil, concrete, rubble
  • Vegetable peelings
  • Food scraps
  • Coal, ash
  • Animal waste
  • Commercial waste
  • General household waste

Existing customers can renew their licence online.