East Hampshire District Council believes it is important that residents can see how council tax payer’s money is spent.

Expenditure exceeding £500

Every quarter we publish monthly figures for all transactions that we have made with our suppliers that are over £500 (amounts exclude VAT).

This data is available to reuse under the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

Council spend in 2017

Council spend in 2016

Grants to voluntary community and social enterprise organisations

We currently report these types of grants alongside all other types of spending in the council spend spreadsheets. We are upgrading our financial reporting system so that grant payments can be disclosed separately – please contact us if you need any further information.

Local authority land

We hold details of all our land and assets, including each property’s name, address, its area in various measurements and the reason why we hold it (commercial, investment, open space or operational).

Social housing asset value

East Hampshire District Council does not hold any housing stock.


Locations and charges of car parks and bays in East Hampshire is available on our parking webpage.


We use Capita to help us get the best value for money when we are buying goods and services and securing service contracts.

If you are interested in selling to the council, register on the Capita Partnership Portal. This is where we advertise all of our contracts.

In addition, you will be able to see a wide range of other contracts being advertised by other organisations who work with Capita.

Senior salaries

Staff pay and allowances

Details of pay scales, holiday entitlement, sickness payments, pension rates and subsistence allowances can be found in our terms and conditions of employment.

Trade Union facility time

This is paid time off for union representatives to carry out their trade union duties.

Trade union facility time 2016-17

Total number of staff who are trade union representatives 6
Total number of trade union representatives devoting 50% or more of their time to Trade Union Duties 0
Trade unions recognised at East Hampshire District Council UNISON
Total estimated spend on facilities time annually as a percentage of the total pay bill 0.1%.

Further information

The data above is available to reuse under the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

For procurement queries please contact us by email: or telephone: 01730 266551.