We refer prospective tenants to landlords.

There is no obligation to accept any person we refer, and the management of the tenancy remains the responsibility of the landlord.

Rent with us

We are able to refer prospective tenants to landlords who wish to work in partnership, and we will support subsequent tenancies through the ‘Tenancy Bond Scheme’.

Scheme requirements

To participate in the Tenancy Bond Scheme there is certain criteria that the property has to meet, and landlords have to fulfil certain duties.

How much rent can I charge?

Landlords manage their own properties and set their own rental charges. However the Bond Scheme can only support affordable tenancies. The Local Housing Allowance is our benchmark for affordable rents.

How will I get paid the rent?

Some tenants may receive housing benefit payments or Universal Credit. In most cases the tenants will pay the landlord directly, however there are some cases where benefit payments would be paid directly to the landlord.

What support will I receive?

Tenancies established under the Tenancy Bond Scheme are closely monitored.

We initially set up an 8 week check up to contact the landlord to confirm that regular payments are being received and that the tenancy is running smoothly.

We then complete 6 monthly reviews to contact both the landlord and tenant to ensure all is well.

Domestic abuse guidance for landlords

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